Meet our trainers.

All of our trainers are qualified horse people who are interested in teaching their knowledge and sharing their experiences.


Tosca Kocken started her riding career at the age of 9.  Tosca went on to compete as a junior rider all over Canada, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and the Eastern United States.  Tosca won the CEF Medal finals in 1983, placed third at the ASPCA Maclay finals and nineth at the USET Finals in 1984 on her horse Stepenwolfe.  From 1991 to 1993, Tosca showed in the Open Section 1 and 2 at Spruce Meadows, on her horse Charon, with very good placings.  Tosca has also won the BCHJA Amy Dundas Memorial Trophy for Best BC Bred Jumper 6 years in a row and won the Baby Green and Young Horses Development Champion in 2007 for her horse “Hey you”.  

Tosca is a familiar face at horse shows throughout Canada and the United States.  She is EC Certified.  She has bred, trained and taken many students and their horses to Championship levels.  In 2000, Tosca built Twin Rivers Equestrian Centre with a vision of offering a centre that provides excellence in all aspects of equestrian riding.  The atmosphere at Twin Rivers is one of strong horsemanship, safety and fun.  She welcomes every type of equestrian and is continuing to develop her business and farm into one of the finest in the Lower Mainland and takes great pride in that fact.


Jessica began riding at the age of 6, spending weekends with her dad on the trails and at the barn. Just over two decades later and this is still their favorite way to spend a day together.  At the age of 11 Jessica started riding with Tosca. Under Tosca’s guidance, Jessica became an accomplished rider qualifying and competing in the hunter and jumper divisions throughout Vancouver Island, Alberta, California, Washington and Oregon. From 2006 to 2008, Jessica also rode for Tosca as a “working student”. From 2008 to 2010, Jessica trained with Lindy Townley and during that time continued to compete in both the hunters and jumpers and was particularly gifted in the medals qualifying and competing very successfully. In 2011, Jessica attended Simon Fraser University and  began her journey to become an educator. She is now an allumni of SFU and a certified educator in the lower mainland. 

We are incredibly thankful to have Jessica back as part of the Twin Rivers team. Words of wisdom from Jessica, “We honour the dream by doing the work”. It has been a long homecoming, but it feels great to be back at the place I grew up working with these beautiful, loyal, loving, majestic animals.


Lauren has been riding since she was 8 years old starting off in the UK and continuing on when she moved to Vancouver in 2008. She had a number of lease horses over the years where she competed in both hunters and jumpers. She began teaching when she was 17 and taught for a number of years at various barns. She bought her first horse in 2016 and started riding at Thunderbird show stables where she worked as a groom and continued working with her horse under the guidance of the Balisky’s to get her to competition level. Now she gets to continue her passion for teaching here at Twin Rivers and to be training with Tosca. Twin Rivers is fortunate indeed to offer Lauren's wealth of knowledge and experience to its students.


Dr. Megan Pinfield, whose barn name is Meg, has been riding on and off since the age of 8 yrs old. Meg boards her own horse at Twin Rivers Equestrian and enjoys being part of the Twin Rivers team, where she shows, trains and works with Tosca Kocken. When she’s not at Twin Rivers teaching our young riders, Meg is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and published author who writes frequent articles for Horse Sport magazine and Canadian Horse Annual.

In her private practice Meg specializes in helping Equestrians reach the peak of their success. Her Equestrian Counselling and Sport Psychology practice helps riders overcome fear, anxiety and other factors that effect their riding success. Meg enjoys helping nervous riders work through their fears and be able to develop a bond with their equine partner. For more information about Meg or to read some of her Equestrian articles visit her website at: